Rebecca Louise Law & Rose Robson collaboration

Rebecca Louise Law & Rose Robson collaboration

Rose Robson, Ringnecked

British female artists Rebecca Louise Law and Rose Robson will unite to create a collaborative sculpture at 100 Columbia Road, E2 7QB
Rebecca “replaces paint with flowers” to capture the physical experience of nature and colour, composing sculptural installations using natural materials. Law’s artworks evolve as nature takes its course, offering an alternative concept of beauty. Postponing floral decay through drying succeeds in unearthing another state of grace.

Rose’s practice involves the process of skinning, the sculpting of forms and the arrangement of animal skins. Robson makes swarm like sculptures out of a range of different bird skins and wings, as an anatomical impossibility the work becomes something of a drawing in space, mapping out the long cylinders created when birds circle and coil in the sky, and channeling the dramatic impact of a swirling swarm, which slowly breaks apart as small groups of birds fling themselves to Earth.

By appointment: Monday 10th - Wednesday 12th August
Private View: Wednesday 12th August
Public Showcase: Sunday 16th August, 10-4pm

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